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The Inspirational Bike

Akira is known for its detailed world building as well as the vehicles shown in the movie. 

I'm personally inspired by the Akira bike and the Suzuki brand.

Suzuki Brand: Escudo Peak

There's a lot of potential in the Suzuki brand, but the brand has been on a decline for some time now.

As a fan of the Escudo Peak, I hope to take the best of Suzuki and revive the brand through a collaboration piece with Akira.

‎EV Project.‎015.jpeg
EV 4.242 (1).jpg
EV 4.248 (1).jpg
EV 4.234 (1).jpg
EV 4.226 (1).jpg
EV 4.250 (1).jpg

More Projects


The controller that breathes to life in your hands. Immerse yourself in the character.

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