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The Problem: Furniture Littering

Spaces are getting smaller and people are moving more often.

America throws out 12 million tons of furniture every year. 

The Couch for Gamers

Gen Z and Millennials are looking for certain qualities in their furniture.

A place for -

Social Gaming


And Flexibilty.

Criss Cross is a modular couch system that addresses all of these needs.


Flexibility in Modularity

Each piece can separate and transform your seating arrangement.

Key Slot System

The shape of the Key Slot keeps the parts together and the T - Slots provide extra support.

Criss Cross.034.jpeg

Sustainability & Efficiency

No screws, no glue, no nails.

All components are able to be taken apart and packed away as efficiently as possible. 

The materials allow for Criss Cross to become a circular product. 


How I Made It

IMG_8314 2.HEIC

Inner commponents were CNC and slotted together

6 inch firm foam was cut and sewn 

Outdoor furniture fabric was measured and sewn. Velcro allows it to wrap around the whole piece.

Couch Prototype 2.jpg

Poppy the dog liked it a lot :)

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