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O2 Controller : Breathes to Life

Bringing player and character closer.


A tactile approach to gaming using temperature, flexibility, and airways.

Inspiration: aeroMorph

MIT technology that utilizes a program to seal airways to morph materials into different shapes.

link here to learn more.

Alive in Your Hands: Storytelling Responses

The controller uses haptic feedback to simulate what is happening on screen - 

Just as you can feel a heartbeat through vibrations, the controller takes it a step further to make it feel alive in your hands.

Intensive Action

While being chased, shot at, or other intense situations -


the controller expands rapidly to imitate the imminent danger your character is in.

Heartfelt Moment

There are endearing moments where you help your companion or hold their hands - 

the controller emulates this heartfelt moment through temperature and flexibility.

Puzzle Solving

When you push or pull something, you expect a response for your actions - 

As you solve puzzles and interact with objects the controller flexes to make you feel the force.


O2 Controller

Evolution of Immersive Gaming

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