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Enclovr: The Screen that Envelops

Inspired by the nights you get caught on your phone or Gameboy, because you're too immersed to notice your parents right outside your sheets.

How to recreate that intense immersive experience?

How to suck the user into another world?

Inspiration: Samsung's Reactive Screen

Screens have gone through leaps and bounds in development.

Samsung released a sneak peak on how their new phone can track and flex what is on the screen to simulate a 3D effect.

(link here)to learn more.

Flat Screen vs Dome Mode

Space & Immersion Efficiency - 

A visualization system that can change the environment from a casual TV setting to a immersive gaming experience.

Comp 1_1.gif

Enclovr: The Screen that Envelops

Dome Mode

When Enclovr swithces to Dome mode, it changes the space to transport you into the world of the game you are playing.

Change In Environment

Explosions, earthquakes, tornadoes.

Large effects on the environment will be morphed through the screen to feel as if the changes are happening around you.

Boss Fights

One attack can end your life.

As you fight intensely with the boss in front of you, the screen helps simulate the danger you are in by making these one-hit attacks come towards you.

Final Enclovr Normal Png.png


Immersive Visualization System

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